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Improve Average Order Value & Customer Lifetime Value.

An optimized product page can convey and highlight key benefits that set you and your products apart and can therefore increase your average order value and customer lifetime value. 

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Know and understand the key elements of a product page and the way you can optimize.

Optimize Your Product Page

Improve your conversion rate by knowing where to include CTAs as well as product information.

Elevate Conversion Rate

Include personalized product recommendations to improve your average order value.

Increase Average Order Value 


Optimize Your Product Pages & Increase Your Conversions

Our product page checklist can help you optimize key areas of your product page and may increase conversions based on what we've seen work with clients. Don't miss an opportunity to improve your e-commerce website and increase your revenue.
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Maximize Conversions & Purchases With Your PDP

While a PDP may not be the first page a customer sees they are still a key aspect in the overall customer journey. Optimizing your PDP can maximize your purchases and conversions.

Jeremy Levine
 Head of Client Strategy, The Maze Group